is an IP address used by routers of certain models to identify themselves on the network. It is one of the addresses in the so called "private network 16-bit block address space" which is reserved for use within private networks. This address space consists of 65,536 addresses which proved to be too much for small home networks. Typical home or small business network uses just a subset of it and most routers reserve range for their network. is reserved for broadcast data transfers (sending data to all computers in the network). Thus is the last usable address in the range. is reserved to identify the network and also could not be used. So if your router uses as an IP address you still have 253 addresses available for use (

Following brands utilize IP address:

  • Certain models of Linksys Routers/Modems
  • Alcatel Modems
  • Billion Routers/Billion Modems
  • Westell DSL Modems
  • 3Com Routers/3Com Modems
  • Netopia Cayman Gateways

If you're attempting to configure your modem or router, you need to make sure that you know its IP address. Administrative interface for the modem/router is only available through this IP address. Navigate to

Default User Name and Password for

Most routers with default IP address use admin for username and admin as a password. Alcatel and Thomson modems use Administrator as a username and blank as a password. OvisLink modems use admin as a username and airlive as a password.

Retrieving router IP address

Depending on which operating system you use, there are different steps involved in getting IP address of the modem/router. Please see below guides for various operating systems that we prepared. For administration details of specific modem/router you need to refer to administration manual for that specific model.

You can also just enter in your browser and see if it resolves to router administrative console login.

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